There are some people out there that you meet and immediately click with. And sometimes those people ask you to photograph their wedding and are 100% on board with your mission as a wedding photojournalist and you wonder how you got so lucky to work with such great people. That’s pretty much how I felt working with Keri & Justin. Here’s to hoping I get to be the photographer for all of the milestones you reach as a family.

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You know those couples who just do their own thing in their own sort of way but in doing so seem to set a new standard for what is cool? Yeah, well, that’s Sydney & Eric – they’re confident and endearing and low-maintenance and all the good things you want to be in life. I felt a whole lot on their wedding day and it’s because there were no pretenses, just the clearest emphasis on all that matters on a wedding day: family, steadfast love, and a palpable sense of joy and happiness. All the best to The Ridouts! What an honor documenting this beautiful day for you three.

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I think only other photographers would understand the compliment and treasure it is to photograph a couple’s wedding day and then years later be honored as the one entrusted with the task of documenting the family that has come as result of that union.

David & Liz have settled in Chicago, IL since their Mississippi wedding many years back, and I’ve so enjoyed our friendship continuing long after their wedding day ended. We’ve made a couple of trips to visit them over the years and our most recent visit included a full-on dose of crazy with them and their CRAZY CUTE boys. I have to say, spending time in their home and getting to know Theo & Bradley got me even more excited about having a boy of our own in just a couple of months. It’ll be wild, but so much fun if the vibe of this household is any indication. Love you all four of you Thompsons, and thank you for bringing me up there to photograph you four in one of my favorite cities.


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I’m not sure there are two more adorable people than Maggie & Brett. Their wedding was so moving, so real, and so centered on the love of Christ. Truly, it was an honor to witness.


Ceremony: Crossgates Baptist Church

Reception: The South Warehouse

Catering & Florals: Fresh Cut Catering & Floral

Coordinator: Chrisler Boone

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