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rachel | SENIOR

I don’t do a whole lot of senior portraits… mainly because of my choosing, I guess. We take up to twelveView full post »


I don’t photograph a whole lot of seniors, in fact I only accept one senior portrait session booking monthly.View full post »


I’ve had a chance to photograph a number of seniors of the last few months. We take a real limited number ofView full post »

katie | SENIOR

Katie is a sweet-tempered Clinton High senior and was up for anything on the day of our shoot. Thanks, Katie, forView full post »

madeleine | SENIOR

Madeleine is a class act. Seriously. She’s super stylish, smart, and has such an easy-going personality. She wasView full post »

becca | SENIOR

I’m willing to bet that Becca didn’t have a single enemy in her graduating class. She’s kind andView full post »

kerri | SENIOR

Kerri’s an actress. And judging by how well she performed for my camera, I’d bet she’s dang good onView full post »

lee | SENIOR

I’m not sure how one family produces TWO young ladies that are equally sweet, fashionable, and talented, but theView full post »

leah | SENIOR

Leah is an artsy, intelligent, witty, easy-going senior. She’d be my kind of friend in high school. Not toView full post »