Mr. & Mrs. Milner

I think that feelings of gratitude for your soon-to-be spouse are something that are pretty common on your wedding day, but maybe even more so for this particular wedding. The day before Ellen & Mark’s wedding Mark and and two of his groomsmen (one being Ellen’s brother) got into a pretty bad car accident just hours before the rehearsal dinner. By the grace of God they all walked away from it with only a few scratches and were able to make it to the rehearsal dinner. When I showed up on Saturday, had someone not told me, I’m not sure I ever would’ve known anything had happened by the way everyone was acting. Although it was quite a scary thing to happen at any point in life much less the day before you get married, these two and their families were genuinely focused on the reason they had all gathered together and celebrated this new marriage as well as I’ve ever seen. I can’t say enough how much I loved getting to photograph these guys and their families. Ellen & Mark, I hope these photos do justice to how beautiful your wedding day was and remind you of the gratitude that you have for each other. Enjoy!

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