Mr. & Mrs. Parten

What you’re going to see in this blog post is this: a couple who belongs to the two most accepting, inviting, entertaining families you’ve ever encountered, and people who just seem to have their priorities in perfect order. Jillian planned what would have been a beautiful outdoor reception on a wonderful piece of lakefront property in Rankin County. The weather, however, threatened a total rain-out and things were moved at the last minute to a school gymnasium near Pinelake Church where they were wed.

Nothing, however–including the threat of a rained out wedding reception and the stress of relocating everything you’d spent a long time planning–would stand in the way of this couple finding the joy and beauty all around them on the day they became man and wife. And you’ll see it. All over these photos–sweet moments with family, abounding joy, and a sense that everything was just the way it needed to be.


Ceremony: Pinelake Church, Reservoir | Reception: Hatfield Academy Gymnasium | Event Coordinator: Jayme Yates

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