Mr. & Mrs. Meyers

Whenever Katy & Justin inquired about us shooting their wedding, I quickly found out that she was a small town girl from Mississippi who’d been living in the not-so-small town of New York City for the past four years. She’s a writer and moved to NYC because where else do you live when you’re a writer? Before the wedding I only had the opportunity to talk to her a couple times on the phone. But on the wedding day I realized that these are two of the coolest people I’ve ever photographed. Justin used to work as a manager at the largest Chick-fil-A in the country in NYC (if you know me you know I was an instant fan as soon as I found that out) before becoming a part of the staff at Redeemer Church. Shooting their wedding was really just a chance for me to learn a lot about two people¬†who couldn’t help but make it obvious that they are supposed to be together. Katy & Justin, you’re the best!¬†

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