mr. & mrs. baker | WEDDING

Well, believe it or not, I do still blog weddings. And I couldn’t be happier to share this one with you. Jess and I traveled earlier this month to India to complete the adoption of our daughter, Eden, so our days have clearly been filled to the max. I want to go on and on about how sweet our days have been as a family of four, but will instead go on and on about just how sweet it was to spend the day with these two as their wedding photographer.

Yanci and Ben have been an ideal couple to work with: low maintenance, incredibly trusting, and super beautiful – especially when they’re together. I shoot a lot of weddings at this Jackson venue, but The South just hasn’t gotten old for me yet. All of it’s color and warmth was the perfect setting to wrap around people as classy and inviting as these.

Yanci, thank you for your heartfelt words about the photos you’ve seen up to this point. Jess and I so wish you and Ben lived closer so we could spend more time with you two. Best wishes to you both!

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