Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell

Sometimes I get the opportunity to go to the rehearsal dinners for the couples I shoot, and it always helps me get a firmer grasp on exactly who the couple is in relation to their family and friends. At Kendall & Jordan’s rehearsal dinner, Jordan finished the night out by giving one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard from a groom. It was clear from his speech that Kendall & Jordan knew just how big of a role their family and friends played in their lives and even more clear how thankful they were to have each other. The wedding day reiterated all of the same things and just proved even more why Kendall & Jordan are perfect for each other. Enjoy the photos!

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  • Martha DowOctober 7, 2014 - 6:10 pm

    Sherry Mitchell, I know you have to swell with pride and gratitude to God for such wonderful Christ-following boys and daughters-in-law. I’m so happy you have been blessed in that and so many other ways! Love you, Martha