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(words by Robby)

I’m just not sure exactly how to start this…

Three years ago, Jess was very pregnant with Meg and I was headed into a very full fall wedding schedule and we knew that we’d need some help since Jess would be taking some time away from weddings. We decided to bring on an intern who would handle some of the day-to-day responsibilities but especially fill in for Jess as my assistant at weddings. We ended up receiving dozens of applications (to my total surprise) and after spending hours looking through them all, we knew Ashley Howard was the right fit for the job. So, I had my first real intern. As you can tell by the direction of this post, I got a whole lot more that year than some help at a few weddings – Ashley became, and still is, like the little sister I’ve always wanted. She’s spunky enough to put up with my sarcasm, and sweet enough that brides quickly felt at ease around her, and frankly she’s going to make one heck of a wedding photographer. I couldn’t be happier that I got to spend some time helping her come into her own as an artist.

And then there’s Zach. I think I told Jess at least half a dozen times between the wedding day and when I was editing this wedding how charming and delightful I think Zach is. He’s got this sweet, even-tempered vibe that makes you feel warm and welcomed. And a killer smile. So, between Ashley, who’s been to a ton of weddings and knows exactly what it takes to pull off a perfectly detailed day, matched with Zach’s winsome charm, their wedding was over-the-top amazing and a dream to photograph. Basically, I’ve smiled over and over while working through this wedding the last couple of weeks and I’m so happy to show it off.

The setting for the wedding was Ashley’s childhood home and a place rich with family history – the only setting deserving enough to showcase this bride & groom.

And lastly, all the usual props to Wendy Putt of Fresh Cut Catering & Floral, Kendall Poole Event Planning, and Davaine Lighting for bringing all the magic together.

Up first are a few of Ashley’s bridals we took a few weeks before her wedding:

Now, back to the wedding day:


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  • Virginia WeathersbyJuly 31, 2014 - 1:24 am

    I couldn’t agree with you more Robby. The wedding was absolutely beautiful ever detail was perfect. You did such a great job of capturing each moment saved in time forever. Beautiful day, beautiful couple, beautiful love story.

  • Denise Goodfellow KerutJuly 31, 2014 - 5:28 pm


  • Evelyn ParksJuly 31, 2014 - 8:03 pm

    This was breath taking, so beautiful and so perfectly made. I love Ashley and thank you for sharing these pictures. I am looking forward to meeting Zach.