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(intro by Robby)

Well, it’s been a little quiet around the blog lately. A lot of that is because of a recent move (which maybe I’ll get the time to do a post about specifically at some point) and the fact that we’ve recently brought Chase on board at followell fotography. I really can’t tell you how amazingly smooth and effortless this transition of being a studio of one photographer to becoming a studio of two photographers has felt. I know Chase belongs here. And though there are hundreds of reasons why that is proving to be true, his work is unquestionably one of them. I hope you enjoy seeing one of his recent weddings, and his first collection of work to be featured right here on the followell fotography blog. Enjoy!



(words by Chase)

Back in college when I was getting that Chemistry degree that I may or may not ever use I had to take Organic Chemistry lab. Luckily I got to be partners with someone who made that experience more enjoyable than it could have been. And that’s where Kenzie and I became friends. Unlike me, Kenzie continued down the path to professional school and is fixing to finish up dental school. She met Ryan, a 4th year med student, during her first couple years there. Getting to hang out with them through the duration of their engagement helped me to really see how good they really are for each other. And then they put together this beautiful wedding in what is probably the coolest venue I’ve ever shot at (St. Catherine’s at Belle Gable). The whole thing was perfectly simple and enjoyable, which I think fits exactly who Kenzie is and Ryan are. Enjoy the photos!


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  • Michelle Luke WhittleJuly 29, 2014 - 1:11 am

    Beautiful! Such a precious beautiful bride and family! Never seen a happier and more proud daddy. This family is so special.