Mr. & Mrs. LaStarza | WEDDING

Brides find followell fotography in all sorts of ways: from a friend, Facebook, or sometimes a random Google search. Heather’s the first bride who found me after she asked my Dad to be the officiant at her wedding. So, her weekend had more than her share of Followells – bless her heart – but she seemed as happy as can be to have us around.

Heather & Nicholas have an incredible story. Their dating relationship began several years ago at exactly the same time as Heather found out she had cancer. She’s an overcomer, and he’s loyal to his core, and their fate was cemented as they walked through a journey that had more downs than ups, I’m sure, and their deep, deep connection is an obvious result. Heather’s a total planner and she made certain her wedding day was thought-out and executed to a T. And knowing her high standards, it was an honor to be the one photographing it all.

Heather, Nick, you two are inspiring and I’m so glad you brought us to Destin for this beautiful wedding day… we’ll never forget it.



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