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This is pretty crazy. And by “pretty” I mean “absolutely totally and undoubtedly.” And by “crazy” I mean “awesomely wonderful and completely perfect.”

It’s been seven years that I’ve been photographing weddings. I’ve loved every bit of it. Along the way, I’ve learned a ton, grown personally and artistically, but one thing has remained constant: God has faithfully provided so many incredible brides who open their wedding day up to me as the one chosen to document it all. This year, for whatever reason, we’ve seen our monthly wedding inquiries nearly double from previous years and being that my calendar was full by early February, I just can’t help but want to do something so that we can reach more brides.

While I’ve thought about hiring an associate photographer for a number of years, I was always halted by the fact that this person had to be one I felt was hand-picked by God and who I knew was the right fit. In a business as small as mine, I wouldn’t just be hiring an “associate”, I’d essentially be bringing on an addition to our family. I wanted someone with technical skill, the perfect personality, and more than anything, someone I could trust with a business as deeply personal as mine.

Well, I found him. And his name is Chase Richardson. I’ve known Chase for a number of years, and while we’re incredibly similar, we’re also different enough that I think he is the most perfect choice in a business partner. Jess and I feel like we’re getting a little brother out of this deal and we truly couldn’t be more excited.

Chase has operated Chase Richardson Photography for the last couple of years and, as of today, has officially joined me as the first (and only) associate photographer of followell fotography. Chase will be shooting exclusively for us, and opening up our annual calendar to a whole new group of brides. And let me say this: I’m absolutely confident in his ability to shoot a wedding and make sure you have so much fun while he’s doing it.

Pretty soon you’ll be getting to know a whole lot more about Chase as he posts here on the blog and we get his information on our website, but we just wanted to let you know about the news and that he’s available immediately for bookings.

So, have I said I’m excited?! More to come!

Here’s Chase:


And here’s a quick little bio from him:

I graduated college with a degree in Chemistry, which means I know a thing or two about reactions. And what’s funny is weddings are full of reactions: laughing, crying, celebration, thankfulness, joy. The whole day is a series of people and emotions colliding to form this beautiful picture of what it feels like when two people join their lives together. Yes there are the pretty flowers and the delicious cake, but those things pale in comparison to what is going on inside of you and inside of those closest to you. Those elements are what I want to capture so that you’ll always remember how this very special day felt.

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