mr. & mrs. stricklin

When I look through these photos it reiterates something so clearly: Guy and Laura have a connection to their family that is beautiful and strong. And then I think about the fact that, at its core, that’s really all a wedding is about: two families celebrating the start of a new family. There was plenty of celebration and plenty of richness in the emotions of this day. From nervousness to excitement, to moments that feel intense and some that are full of ease. Everything just felt so right, and it’s probably because of what I first noticed in their¬†engagement session¬†that still unquestionably rings true: these two are helplessly in love.

First up, just a few photos from the rehearsal dinner:

There are compositional issues with this photo (not to mention the depth of field was a hair too shallow) – but none of that really matters to me because the first thing I notice is how proud this mom is of her daughter.

Laura, Guy, if we went outside for just a minute even though it’s raining – would that be ok? Ok, good.


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  • Patsy Barlow BurksJanuary 11, 2014 - 4:30 pm

    Marsha & Slater, These are absolutely breathtaking! She is gorgeous and so so happy!