mr. & mrs. johns

My favorite kinds of weddings are the ones when a bride approaches the day as an opportunity to tell their loved ones about who they are as a couple, what’s important to them, and how much they love those that join them on that day. The result is a wedding that feels authentic, real, and beautiful. It makes my job, as documentarian of the day, a whole lot easier to get to the heart of who these people are.

With that in mind, the things that Laura & Jay highlighted on their special day were: family, friends, a uniquely Southern class, and Jesus at the heart of it all. Their private ceremony lent itself towards intimacy and warmth. Their blowout reception proved their tendency to surround themselves with loud, fun people who all know how to have a great time.

If you can’t tell, I’m borderline obsessed with these two, in fact I think I called it “crushin'” on them in my instagram post the day of their wedding:

Anyway, here are the rest of my favorite images from their wedding that I didn’t take with my iPhone. ;)


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