Mr. & Mrs. Varley

Amanda is a travel nurse that clearly loves adventure, so she took the bold step of moving to Australia to take a nursing position several years back. What she couldn’t have known was that this adventure would lead her straight to the man she’d end up marrying: the Aussie-accented stud, Karl.

I mean, it’s not like America and Australia are opposite cultures or anything, but even so their wedding was a noticeable blend of these two different worlds coming together just perfectly. Whether it was Karl accepting the American tradition of a grooms cake, or Amanda arranging for the Aussie custom of speeches during the reception–their wedding was uniquely unequaled. Set on the gorgeous farmland venue of J&D Farms, their ceremony took place in the most picturesque setting of some low-hanging trees strung with lights and the reception was a full-out party in a classy barn.

Jess and I are so grateful to have been there with you Amanda & Karl… hope you’re able to relive all the highs and beautiful memories for many years to come with these photos.



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