Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey

I’ll be honest – this wedding was over-the-top amazing. How often do I get to travel to great cities like Washingtdon, DC? Not very often at all. How often to I get to do portraits of the bride & groom at one of the nation’s most iconic monuments? Never. How often do I get to shoot all the prep pictures and wedding party shots at the British Embassy? Once in my lifetime, probably. And all three of those came together–plus a whole lot more awesomeness–on Katy & Dave’s beautiful wedding day.

I’ve known Katy for years, we were college buds. She moved off to DC and found herself a real life British butler, but more importantly an incredibly gracious and committed Christ-follower. But, he IS the butler at the British Embassy. Dave and I hit off from the very second we met. He’s pretty into photography and incredibly kind and warm (how could you not be as a butler, right?), so I felt like his long lost friend and my weekend as their wedding photographer just left me wanting to hang out with them both a whole lot more. Katy’s a total planner – and loves people so well – so the two of them are this quirky and wonderful Southern-girl-meets-British-dude couple.

Their wedding day started at the embassy (which is now the place they call home), continued at a quaint and wonderful little church right in Georgetown, which we left to go to a brief portrait time at the Lincoln Memorial (thanks again for being up for it!), and ending with a reception at a beautiful home of some close friends of theirs. The day felt intimate, deeply spiritual, and overwhelmingly joyful. Their was SUCH an excitement in the air as we all watched these two perfectly paired individuals become man and wife.

Now, on to some of my favorite images from the day…

Don’t I wish I could shoot wedding party formals at the British embassy every weekend…

I loved that the MASSES of people at the Memorial couldn’t help but applaud the two as we made our way back to the car.


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  • Margaret Molpus ColeOctober 15, 2013 - 2:18 pm

    love, love, love it….pretended that I was there, beautiful pictures

  • Jim Jenny TurcotteOctober 15, 2013 - 2:48 pm

    Love them all