is this thing still on?

Man, I have been horrifically silent when it comes to blog posts lately. I’m ashamed, really, but refuse to write the typical “This year I’m going to be a better blogger…” because, well, there are too many of those out there. Instead, I’m just going to (at least) inundate this thing with posts the next few weeks. Then, hopefully, I get so much into a routine that it turns into a successful blog yet again. We’ll see.

For those of you who have visited faithfully only to be disappointed over and over when you didn’t see a new post awaiting you, I’m sorry, and thanks for sticking around. The reality is, this blog isn’t just for you–it’s for me, too. When shooting, I find myself really pushing to create the best images possible because I know I’m going to want to show something here that will inspire someone or prize the subject in some special way. So, despite my distraction and resulting silence over the last couple of months: the blog isn’t going anywhere.

Something that IS going somewhere, however, is this business. We’ve had a phenomenal 2012. 30 weddings that I hope to showcase somehow here soon. Jess has worked as my studio manager the last 8 months and it’s been a great thing. We’ve been able to really focus our energy on saving money for the adoption that we’re so excited about, and Jess has gained a forever-better understanding about the ins and outs of this business. However, we knew her working here wouldn’t be a long-term thing. We want Jess exclusively home pretty soon in preparation for when we bring home baby #2. So, all that to say, WE ARE HIRING. Starting now, we’re on the hunt for our next studio manager – a 20 hour/week position here in Clinton working at a pretty fantastic little photography studio. Email me at if you’re interested and we’ll follow-up with more information.

That’s all for now. Thanks for being great.



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