a season of waiting & thanking

(post by Jess)

I desperately want it to be cold outside. So my new thing is that if I act as if it is cold–not just for day or two like what we’ve seen lately–then it will actually be cold (if you build it they will come, right?).  As a result, I’m sweating in my scarf and hat listening to my fire crackle as I sip on hot chocolate watching my daughter play in her diaper and t-shirt outside. I really need to put my sweatshirt and toe-socks away and come to grips with the reality that winter in the south happens in December for 3.5 days.  It has been summer practically all year in Mississippi.

Seasons can be tricky.

For a fairly routine girl who married a not at all routine boy, change has been a hard pill to swallow only trumped by an even larger pill I’m facing now called “wait”.  The change pill was hard but not impossible. I could adapt, go with the flow, and adjust my to-do list. I’m a great re-arranger, organizer and multi-tasker. I’ve conquered packing 3 people for a spur-of-the-moment trip, throwing a meal together for 5 more people coming to dinner in 30 minutes, or cleaning the house for some out-of-town guests walking up to the door.  I was feeling pretty good about my new-found friend of flexibility.  Change was no longer scary, but desirable and fun (ok-let’s not take it too far). But now, I am in a season, much like my great state, that often stays the same. And the same. And the same.

I’ve been answering the question “so where are you in the adoption process” basically since we started telling anyone and everyone we were adopting. My answer has been a resounding “just working on paperwork.” We have been doing that for nearly 9 months. On a side–let me say that it NEVER bothers me when others ask. I just hate saying the same things.  I want change SO bad. I want to tell others that we are working on the girls’ room, or just got matched; that we have bought our plane tickets and are headed there next week. Or at least say that I know her age, name and what she looks like. But I can’t. This is a season I can’t change or bring about by pretending or acting like it is anything but what it is. It’s a waiting game.

Now for my “they will never take my freedom”/“onward Christian soldiers” moment–all of the above would be so depressing and disheartening if not for hope. See, hope wins every paper, rock scissors game there is. You can have no bigger push to persevere, hold on (for one more day), chin up and press forward than hope.  So that is how we will play our game of waiting. Fortunately for us, our deck is FILLED with cards of hope. Hope that has come from the provision from our Lord through you. We have received donations from close friends, acquaintances, old high school buddies, past co-workers, poor college students, and perfect strangers. We have had photographers want to donate their services to earn money to give to our adoption fund. We had our littleBIG sessions fill up so quickly and then stop all of a sudden after we got EXACTLY what we needed. You people are giving to us. A lot. And you are giving more than just your money. Each time our phone beeps that we have a donation, or we get an email or a service done for free so we can use the savings toward bringing Eden home–that builds our hope and keeps us persevering. And, just so you know, in these last few months we’ve reached 70% of our fundraising goal–we’re almost there!

I want to stop for just a moment and talk directly to the two people or groups of people who have given to us anonymously. Your generous sacrifices blew us away. However, it is your humility in remaining anonymous donors of such a large sacrifices that brought us to our knees and left us in awe.  Thank you. Bless you. Praise God.

I promise that as we move forward, the world will be informed on the progress of Eden Followell’s home coming. But keep asking us about it. It makes us remember that it is still happening, and shows us that you care. We’re grateful for this season of waiting that is teaching us about hope, showing us God’s attention to detail, and giving us experiences with others that are making us better people. Eden is already changing our world.

Continued ways to help…

littleBIG sessions are full and have already begun taking place! Thanks to everyone who signed up and we look forward to meeting the rest of you all and capturing great moments with your families.

Save the date! Friday November 9th we will be hosting a movie night. Here are some details (and feel free to post this whenever and wherever you’d like to help us spread the word):

And lastly, our PayPal donation account is still active and accessible just by clicking on the “ADOPTION DONATION” tab to the left, or by clicking this link:

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  • Katie RosenbaumOctober 31, 2012 - 9:48 am

    This is so beautiful to read. As someone who has been walking in a season of waiting as well, I just sit here saying “yes, yes, yes,” as you talk about hope through it all. Two things I wanted to encourage you with: One, if you don’t already know the song, look up “To Those Who Wait” by Bethany Dillon. This song is so comforting to a waiting song. Two, last night at Bible study we talked God’s timing and how sometimes it’s time to wait for someone else’s timing. Sometimes you’ve got to turn the thing around and wait for His perfect timing not just to bring you to Eden, but to wait for His perfect timing in bringing her to you. The way of the Lord (isaiah 40:3) is being prepared in her life even now, lifting the valleys and leveling the paths of salvation in her precious heart. Praying that your strength would rise as you wait upon the Lord, that it would rise like eagles’ wings! Thankful for your example in my life!