littleBIG sessions (updated)

(UPDATE 9/26) – The littleBIG are all booked up! So grateful for everyone’s response that allowed us to fill these sessions in about 24 hours. I am still so surprised by how quickly the slots were filled and it’s been so encouraging to hear of so many people’s interest in our efforts to bring Eden home. There’s some more in store with regard to littleBIG sessions and I’ll be posting here about that and our other fundraising endeavors sometime soon. Thanks again everybody!

I literally never (ever) thought I’d see the day that I’d offer “mini-sessions” to my clients. However, it’s the things you say you’re never going to do that  seem to inevitably be the very things life ends up bringing your way, huh? But, as many of you know, Jess and I are in the midst of adopting a little girl, Eden, from India! Jess has been posting periodically to the blog (click here to read more) and if you’ve been following our journey you know that fundraising is going to be a big part of our story. Thus, the idea of the littleBIG sessions was born: little sessions with a big purpose.

So, what is it then? A brief, lower-cost, 15-minute session with Robby of you and your family. I’ll still be shooting you in the same fun, laid-back style you’ve come to expect from me, but for a shorter amount of time with fewer images as a result. You still get a couple of prints (two 5x7s of the same photo) and a free digital download for personal printing use (just in time for Christmas cards!). Plus, nearly every penny of your $100 session fee will be going straight toward the adoption of our little girl. It’s a win-win, right?

Obviously, slots are pretty limited and, frankly, I have no idea how quickly they will fill up. All sessions will be shot in Clinton and the dates of these sessions are:

Saturday, October 20 from 3-6pm
Friday, November 2 from 3-6pm
Monday, November 5 from 2-5pm

We’d love for you to be a part. To sign up, simply click HERE and once your form is received, we’ll send a follow-up e-mail with your assigned session time and you can confirm your session by sending in payment. All sessions must be paid in full at the time of booking.

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  • Ryan MooreSeptember 7, 2012 - 4:29 pm

    Hey Robby, just a question. As you know, Jessica and I are expecting. The due date is December 19th. Are you planning on doing one of these around the beginning of the year? We’d love to do this, but we are thinking after the baby gets here. Thanks, buddy!