A Name With a Price

(post by Jess)

Robby and I are a bit ridiculous when it comes to names. We have certain and specific criteria. In our immediate family everyone has to have a different first letter, can’t rhyme with anything weird, or be able to have a terrible nickname contrived from it. The first and middle name must be somewhat short because we already have “Followell” to deal with and the fewer “L’s” the better. It can’t be too commonly used, but we won’t just put sounds together to make a name for the sake of originality. Books and movies play a part. My favorite character from “Little Women” and “A Wrinkle in Time” is Meg. And who doesn’t just adore Meg Ryan? Above all those standards, though, are the meaning and feeling we get from a name. Meanings are controversial because Google can give most any meaning you want, but the most prevalent meaning for “Meg” was pearl or pure. When we were trying it out (which is round 2 of name choosing for us), we felt like the name embodied sweetness and beauty. It was simple but elegant, much like a pearl.

So here we are again. Choosing a name, for another little girl. For those of you wondering, we intend on keeping her Indian name as her middle name. Her heritage is important to us, but to us, her new name signifies her new life and beginning with us. It will be something that immediately affirms her place in our family. We went to the runners-up for Meg, but each just seemed like leftovers that didn’t fit our new little girl. A few new options were discussed and thrown out.  Then one made it to round 2 and we began using it. The meaning of this name is “delight” which simply means to give great pleasure or joy. We felt this name embodied life and fulfillment. This name is the place of paradise, where we believe, life was completely satisfying for man because he delighted himself in the Father. Our new baby girl’s name is Eden.

We aren’t sure if she is born yet, or in the process of growing. It’s uncertain exactly when we will meet our precious Eden. But one thing is certain- it will be pure delight in the Followell home when she arrives.

To give an update, our paperwork is almost complete with the exception of a couple of items we are waiting on. There is not much else to sign, stamp, mail, notarize, copy, or request; but there is a lot to be paid. In any circumstance it is an uncomfortable thing to ask for others’ money. We all like getting money when we feel we have earned it with our time, work or sacrifice. But asking for money that you haven’t earned or logically have no claim to can be quite uncomfortable. However there are circumstances that sometimes lend itself to no other option. And I feel like God made it that way. Robby and I admire hard work and intense dedication to providing for your family. But sometimes the definition of “family” goes outside your home and into the lives of others.

Here is our honest plan-we are going to sacrifice all that we can for Eden. There is no way we could ask for others to make a sacrificial contribution to her adoption and not partake in a sacrifice ourselves. That is our first action. Our second, is you. On the left-hand side of the blog you’ll now see a link that says “Adoption Donation”. You may give a donation here if you feel led. Our third goal is to have a couple of fundraisers between now and December. We’ll be posting here in the next month with details for those–got some fun things in the works.

We’re thankful,

Robby, Jess, Meg & Eden

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  • ClaireAugust 2, 2012 - 3:04 pm

    Jess, what a BEAUTIFUL post and name! I can just SEE this sweet baby and Eden fits her perfectly. So excited to be able to join your journey through these updates. Adoption is such a beautiful picture of God’s love for US and I am so glad y’all are getting to experience it!

  • alanaAugust 2, 2012 - 11:22 pm

    What a beautiful, beautiful name! I’m so very excited for your family and will be praying, everytime you cross my mind, that God opens doors and with every step closer He makes it so completely obvious to you that HE is in charge of this plan to bless you and that sweet baby girl!

  • Millie HollomanAugust 3, 2012 - 10:18 am

    I am in LOVE with this name! LOVE the name, the meaning, your explanation. I can’t wait to meet baby Eden, she is already one blessed child to have such a loving family. I totally cried reading this post.

  • Michelle LeachAugust 3, 2012 - 3:44 pm

    Sweet Eden! Love the name and what a beautiful post! Buster and I are committing to pray for your family and to help support y’all in EVERY way we can. Can’t wait to meet Meg’s sister! Love y’al!

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