ashlyn & justin | ENGAGED

It’s crazy, really, how fast life goes by. Justin (the stud of a guy in these pictures) is the younger brother to one of my close high school friends. He was such a cool guy then, and (thankfully) nothing has changed… except that he’s found his match in a beautiful and fun-loving young lady named Ashlyn. Besides the fact that these two are breathtakingly beautiful, I couldn’t have loved more how sweet their interaction together is. They’re not the least bit pretentious and conversation flowed as easily as it could’ve. Truthfully, since anybody could’ve taken pictures that looked good of these two, I feel sort of proud that I get to be the one to do just that on their wedding day.

REALLY excited about August, Ashlyn & Justin… just to hang out with you guys a bit more.

I really loved how interested Justin was in what I was doing. He’s not a photographer or anything, but just seemed genuinely intrigued by the work that I do. I don’t show clients a whole lot of what’s going on in my camera while I’m shooting, but, gave these two a peek of this one and it really got Justin thinking. A few minutes later he told me he figured out how I did “all that blurry green stuff.” He said, “You’ve got Photoshop in that camera and you put two pictures together, didn’t you?”

Well, sorry, Justin, but no… No, I didn’t. ;)

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  • Cat NeumayrMay 23, 2012 - 1:49 pm

    As usual, these are beautiful!

  • Cat NeumayrMay 23, 2012 - 1:50 pm

    As usual, these photos are beautiful!