rachel & stephen | ENGAGED

Well, Rachel finished pharmacy school just a few days ago and now has a wedding two months away–I’d say she’s got quite the life accomplishments going down this summer. Fortunately, she and her other half, Stephen, are as even-keeled and low-stress as can be so I’d guess they’re going to manage all the “to-dos” of this summer quite effectively.

Funny story about this here photo session. It’s no secret that I like to shoot through things when I’m shooting. You know, all those blurry colors that show up in the foreground of many of my pictures? Well, to shoot through something it often means that you have to shoot while in something. On this particular day, it was in and through some pretty green leaves–only later to be discovered was poison ivy. And a TON of it. It took four weeks for it all to clear up for me (after a shot, antibiotics and the whole nine yards). Guess it’s only appropriate that photographing a pharmacist would result in the need for antibiotics, huh?

(Thankfully, Rachel & Stephen weren’t required to be as exposed to the “pretty” greenery as I was and both of them avoided any poisonous reaction… whew)

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