Mr. & Mrs. Plunkett

I got one of the nicest e-mails from any bride ever from this gal, Kristi, following her receipt of her wedding day slideshow. Sure, it made me feel so good to hear her encouraging words about the pictures and how pleased she was with them, but even more than that it helped me know more about what type of person she is. Kristi cares about people. She takes her time getting to know someone, it seems, and in doing so she knows even better how to speak words to someone that have a powerful impact.

Hal is a little bit more simply spoken, but caring nonetheless. I loved how sweetly he handled Kristi and how his presence brought her no greater calm–after she saw him on the wedding day nothing else really seemed to matter all that much.

It was another Provine Chapel wedding for me, probably somewhere around the 20th wedding I’ve shot in that venue, but it’s still such a magical place. It never seems to get old. Here are a few from this sweet, sweet, wedding day…

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