Mr. & Mrs. McCaskell

Don’t get me wrong – I love being a wedding photographer in Mississippi. I think Mississippi has a bajillion things to offer brides with its abundant hospitality and cultural obsession with all things “wedding.” However, I must also admit that it is really nice to get to join couples on their wedding day in a new place on occasion. For Mitch and Alyson, that place was Lake Guntersville in northeastern Alabama. Not too far away, but the scenery that surrounded their venue was really breathtaking. I loved doing my best to take it all in with my camera.

For these two, it wasn’t just the scenery, their personalities have a serene sort of quality. They’re agreeable and pleasant; walking through life content with whatever comes because of their confidence in the God that loves and provides. Together, they paint a beautiful picture of what marriage is all about. Enough gushing, I guess… you’re here to check out their wedding images I’m sure, so, here they are…

Because these two met in Africa, there was a whole group of people who couldn’t attend because of the distance. Mitch worked diligently to figure out the logistics to allow for a webcast so others could join in remotely. And amazingly, it all worked out perfectly. Pretty cool.

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  • MKFebruary 9, 2012 - 1:21 pm

    That first shot is BREATHTAKING. Wow – the couple looks amazing, and I’ve never seen such a beautiful backdrop for a wedding!