the story of family

It’s probably a little random that I’m posting a video on my blog that has nothing to do with me or photography. But really, it has a whole lot to do with why I “do” photography. The thing that draws me most to this profession is my obsession with the intricacies and dynamic of family. I love to know who a family really is and how it is that they love one another, and these are the things I’m aiming to capture on the day in which a couple starts their own.

So, this little film touches on these things about one particular family I happen to know and love, the Clarks.

The Clarks¬†are one-of-a-kind.¬†Kelly is one of my close friends, and, if you haven’t run across her or her incredible business, you’re missing out. As a photographer, she’s one of few that always inspires me, and as a bag-designer/entrepreneur she has amazingly proven herself as someone who can follow a passion for business without letting it overrun her life. She’s a believer, wife and mother first, and a businesswoman second. And I strive for the same type of order in my own little world. I love her, her husband, and their two girls, and I hope you’re as deeply moved as I am by seeing how this family of four came to be…

Chapel’s Adoption Story | the feature from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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