amber & trey | ENGAGED

I loved college with everything in me. It was one of my favorite times of life, and I love finding others who have a similar deep-rooted passion for their school and have have chosen to thrive and grow in a season of life that brings about such great opportunities for it. Mississippi State is home to these two and that’s exactly where we found ourselves for their engagement session. It was a beautiful afternoon and I so enjoyed getting to know these two. Amber’s getting ready to graduate with a degree in broadcast meteorology – meaning, she’s gonna rock it out as weather woman at some lucky TV station. So, I knew I had to really work in some cool cloud/sky shots for the girl who studies those things all day long. Trey is a mild-tempered guy who’s insightful and approaches life at just the right pace. Refreshing for somebody like me who tends to breeze past things a little too quickly.

I look forward to next Christmas when we’ll be celebrating together your big wedding day. It’ll be fun… and we’ll know well in advance exactly what the weather will be like, I feel sure.

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