Mr. & Mrs. Lenard


So many people call other people “rockstars” that it’s kinda gotten old, and it’s certainly lost its effectiveness.

However, I’m not sure there’s any way to better describe this bride. Heather is spunky and social, has killer vocals and can work a stage, and she has a heart for Jesus that she makes fully evident in her life. Get it? She’s a rockstar (really). And Daniel, well, he’s her perfect match. He’s the stability; the tender heart; the positive demeanor. He makes people feel good about themselves because he cares about you whether he’s known you for years or just a few minutes.

Their story is a good one… Heather knew some of Daniel’s family here in Jackson, despite his living out of state. Well, they established contact through these mutual friends and began a written exchange of 100 questions about one another. Those questions ranged from things basic to deep, and a real relationship formed… and before we all knew it, they were engaged and now wed. And you can tell that these two couldn’t be happier.

I’ve known Heather now for about 5 or 6 years, and I was one of the many who couldn’t have been more thrilled to see her glow the entire day of her wedding. So many friends showed up for these two and packed out The South here in Jackson for their one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony and reception.

This is Daniel’s Dad’s baby. The car, I mean…

I loved how the ceremony was arranged… sort of an “in-the-round” feel, with all the guests seated facing towards the center

That “spunk” I mentioned Heather has… well, yeah, she gets it honestly…

The “bridal portrait” was an original piece of art by my great friend, Christy Henderson

Heather will most definitely kill me for this… but, I can’t really imagine why the faces after eating the cake? (Maybe it was a “Dang! This is good!” sort of thing…)


And, of course, no party is complete without the FOTOBOOTH…

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