Mr. & Mrs. Thompson

Brittney. Seriously. Could you be any more of an all-star bride? This girl walked into my studio over a year ago as another excited bride putting together her dream wedding day. Our taste is apparently super similar as she began assembling a team of my FAVORITES… Provine Chapel (the chapel I got married in), The South (my favorite reception venue), Wendy Putt for the food and flowers (Wendy can do no wrong), Shanna Lumpkin as coordinator (fresh ideas all over the place thanks to her), and Brock Gomez handling video (about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet). This girl walked into my studio an excited bride and she walked out leaving an excited photographer hoping for the chance to shoot her big day. And I’m so glad I got that chance.

Brittney and Dustin, as cliche as it sounds, you’ve become a whole lot more than clients to me over the last year. I consider you both friends and definitely hope we have lots more fun together. Hope you can already laugh at the craziness that went down on your honeymoon… the way you both keep your chin up and spirits high whatever the circumstance is an indication to me that you two are going to be incredibly happy together.

Up first are some of Brittney’s bridals, then some wedding day favorites:





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  • MariannaMarch 24, 2011 - 3:01 pm

    Yay, Go Robby!!! These are beautiful.

  • Kim BluntMarch 25, 2011 - 11:29 pm

    Robby, you are incredible! I told you from the beginning of this journey that Brittney does her research so if she picked you then you must be good. I was SOOO right! You were such a trooper to keep up with Brittney and you made her day so awesome! Thank you so much for that! She made the right choice when she chose you!!!