katie & bobby | ENGAGED

The infectious laughter and unmatched cuteness of Katie Taylor are some things I’ve known for a long time. Katie was Jess’ roommate for all of their four years of college. We all share great memories together and have loved being close with this gal for many years. Her groom is newer to our scene, but a gentleman epitomized who handles his soon-to-be-bride with a care that can’t go unnoticed. And Bobby demonstrates one of my favorite qualities in a person in that he’s genuinely interested in conversation. He asks good questions and seems to care about getting to know you. You can’t help but like the fact that these two have fallen in love.

Next month wedding bells will be ringing and I can’t wait to dive into the day as a photographer. It will be a special day for Jess and I both. We. Can’t. Wait.


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  • stacey bMarch 17, 2011 - 2:58 pm

    LOVE that Katie T. and adore the 7th picture from the top. Great work Mr. Followell!